Who are Kate and Ashleigh

Kate and Ashleigh are two sisters who have a strong desire to help people achieve positive change. Growing up together they learned the importance of attachment and have always provided each other with support, compassion, empathy, and understanding. It has become their passion to share their skills and knowledge with their clients to help them create meaningful change in their own lives.

Life is filled with many peaks and valleys, and early on these sisters learned that in order to maximize their peak experiences, and minimize the impact of the valleys, it is important to stay positive and strive for positive change. Life can be extremely challenging and seemingly impossible to navigate on your own, fortunately Kate and Ashleigh had each other to lean on. Asking for help and support is sometimes the hardest, but the most rewarding step forward.


To help individuals create positive change in their lives through C.A.R.E.

C.A.R.E. is founded on 4 main pillars that are believed to be most effective in achieving positive change:


When you are connected and attached you feel safe enough to explore your world knowing you have security to return to. This safe haven provides a space for you to understand and sort through what you have discovered.


As you develop a greater awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, you will begin to gain a better understanding, and control, over these aspects of yourself. This greater awareness provides you with the knowledge needed to achieve change.


When you can reflect inward on your own behaviours, beliefs and identity, and outward on the world around you, you create deeper insights into your world and environment. With insight comes change.


When you are empowered you are able to move through your world with strength, confidence and control. Empowerment will lead you to change.