90 day Health Program

This program is designed to uncover challenges with your health and /or weight. The Coach will work alongside you to develop a set of goals and assist you in achieving them. You will meet weekly, either in-person or over the phone, for 45min-1hour sessions. These sessions will focus on health education, experiential exercises, and goal setting. This program allows for you to set and achieve attainable goals that are guaranteed to make a difference in your life. This program is designed to shift your health habits into a more sustainable lifestyle that will carry you far past the 90 days.

30-60 day Health Program

These programs are designed for those who are seeking fewer adjustments to their health and lifestyle, yet could still benefit from working with a coach. This program focuses on developing a specific plan to support you in achieving your goals. Weekly sessions run for 45min-1 hour and involve exploring health education, and implementing experiential exercises that will allow you to attain positive change in your health goals.

30-60-90 day Life Programs

These programs are designed for clients who are struggling with any aspect of their lives where working with a coach may be beneficial. Perhaps you are seeking to change your relationship with food or you are wanting to add healthy habits into your life. The Life Programs are also great for those who want to set and achieve goals in the areas of; love, money, career, or that which is greater. This program will focus on what changes you are looking for and will help you to create lifestyle adjustments that are sustainable. Through an in-depth exploration of your behaviours, beliefs and identities, your coach will help you navigate through daily struggles with a focus on setting, and achieving your personal goals. Sessions are held weekly, either in-person or over the phone, and are 45min-1hour in length.